How can you make brown sugar?

I live in a place where brown sugar is not easily found. I can find brown pouring sugar but not the packing kind. I miss this with some recipes. Any ideas out there?

  • Posted by: T.T.
  • February 27, 2011


innoabrd February 28, 2011
A friend who lived in Bangkok before coming to South Africa recommends Villa Supermarket, or making friends with an American diplomat...seems they stock it at the commissary!
T.T. February 28, 2011
Thank all of you for your answers.Everyone imparted some good missing a nice caramelization and taste with the pour variety. I find brown sugar in Thai grocery stores at times. It seems to ferment or spoil after a bit of time. Still haven't quite figured it out yet. I can find molasses. I'll have to start experimenting.
innoabrd February 28, 2011
Had exactly the same issue when we lived in India. There are different kinds of brown sugar, and some are actually simply less-refined sugars, but the vast majority is simply white sugar to which molasses has been added back in. Experiment a bit with the proportions to get the darkness you're after. Now, follow-on is that I don't know how easily you find molasses? If you're having trouble, 'treacle' is a dark molasses and works fine and health food shops might be a source of molasses if you have a hard time finding it in regular supermarkets where you are.
Sadassa_Ulna February 27, 2011
I posed the same question a while back and got these replies:
However, if you are making cookies (as I was) you will probably find that the substitution does not yield the same results . . .
Blissful B. February 27, 2011
Brown sugar is just sugar with molasses added. The ratio is 1 cup sugar to 1 Tbsp molasses for light brown sugar, and add a little more molasses for dark brown sugar. Easy peasy!
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