Unlined copper bowls?

Hi Team Awesome,
I was handed down a set of beautiful copper mixing bowls over the holiday, and I'm so excited to get them home and cleaned up for use. I know they will be perfect for egg whites and baking projects, but what else is OK to use them for? Can I serve in them, or is that not OK in an unlined copper bowl? Help!

Kelsey Fredston-Hermann


Amanda S. November 29, 2016
Kelsey!!! Hi! First a few q's: Are the bowls vintage? How do you know they're not lined?
Kelsey F. November 29, 2016
Hi Amanda!!!!!! <3
the bowls are vintage, dug out of the back of the family pantry. They just don't look lined at all, but granted they're also pretty tarnished. I will try to clean them up and get a photo!
Smaug November 29, 2016
If it was lined with another metal, such as nickel, it would be pretty obvious. If it's tarnished, it's surely not lacquered either. Most danger associated with copper involves cooking acidic foods, and the danger of that is generally less than people think. Interestingly, jams are often cooked in copper- something in the fruit keeps it from reacting in the usual way. Short of cooking up batches of tomato sauce on a regular basis or something of the sort you are highly unlikely to suffer any harm from the copper, but you should certainly err on the side of caution.
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