Can you freeze dressing that's already been cooked?

I have ALOT of leftover cornbread dressing. It's been cooked through once. I'm going to make the fritters I saw on this site with half of it and was wondering if the other half would turn out okay if I froze it. Any ideas?



ChefJune December 1, 2016
I do it all the time!
Nancy December 1, 2016 (with fda, usda etc sources) says leftover cooked stuffing is ok about3-4 days in the fridge, a month in the freezer and needs to reach 165F internal temp when reheated to serve again safely.
For what to do besides the fritters: think of it as a savory bread pudding or hash that can go under many things (fried eggs, etc) or be used in a kind of bread-lasagna. And if you add protein (like the eggs) or something like tomato sauce with olive oil and cheese, those ingredients will up the moisture content.
Niknud December 1, 2016
Don't know if one should freeze leftover dressing, but I do it all the time. I tend to refresh it upon defrosting with a little fresh stock, and it's not bad. Doesn't taste as good as the original, but it'll do on a weeknight when you're just trying to get dinner on the table. I try and get as much air out of the bag as possible when it goes into the freezer so as to avoid sogginess. But I think if you were making fritters later on (with the part you are planning on freezing) it would work well.
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