How to dress up canned raviolis

Ok. I know. Canned. I don't get home till late at night and sometimes I have no time to cook anything more. How can I quickly dress up a can of raviolis so that it isn't quite so depressing to eat? Keep it quick and easy.



skoopdewoop June 15, 2023
garlic powder and chilli powder, if you want to be really quick
skoopdewoop June 15, 2023
or just the good ol' salt and pepper
Alan K. October 4, 2020
As crazy as this sounds, we had an all leftover night, my kiddo mixed in some BBQ ground beef, parm, and a little pepper and it was pretty good.
Yaya March 20, 2019
I know this is old, but I google how to improve the flavorless canned beef ravioli and nothing useful came up, so here's what I did with what I had on hand. Melted some butter in a skillet, diced half an onion, sautéed it till soft, added garlic powder and taco seasoning. Dumped one can of beef ravioli in the skillet, added some hot sauce, a squirt of ketchup and a splash of soy sauce, warmed everything up and it was actually not too bad. Hope this may help some desperate soul like myself.
Sam1148 January 28, 2012
Some chopped parsley and shaved curls of Parmesan cheese.

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bigpan January 28, 2012
Next time have some real ravioli in the freezer. I understand your time crunch - have a glass of wine while boiling them. They will taste better and you will feel happy.
ellenl January 28, 2012
eat something else.
SKK January 28, 2012
A friend shared this recipe with me. It is from Cook's Illustrated. I like it because it coats the ravoli and doesn't add to the water.

Red Pepper and Pistachio Pesto
2?garlic cloves , unpeeled
?1 1/2?cups jarred roasted red peppers , rinsed and ? patted dry
1?cup fresh basil
1 1/2?ounces Parmesan cheese , grated (3/4 cup)
1/2?cup raw shelled pistachios , toasted
1/4?cup extra-virgin olive oil
MTMitchell January 28, 2012
Serve it with a lovely salad? If you do the veggie prep in advance it's easy to toss together. Stir in some pesto or herbs? Put some cheese on top and run it all under the broiler like a pasta gratin? Layer it in a pan with cheese on top like ravioli lasagna? Mix in some veggies? I hear you on the working hard and coming home late. I've become a big fan of making something big one day a month (Sunday for me), freezing it, and heating it up when I get home. Also I once in a while make a mock tuna casserole with one of those noodle packs (Lipton maybe?) canned tuna and frozen peas. It works in a pinch for sure. Not haute cuisine but more like "I just got home and it's 10:00" cuisine!
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