Chipped Pyrex

I just discovered a small chip on the edge of my Pyrex pie plate. I don't know if it was already there the last time I used it to bake a pie and I just didn't notice, but the exploding Pyrex stories have me kind of nervous. Is it still safe to bake with?

  • Posted by: Sheree
  • December 3, 2016


Greenstuff December 4, 2016
Just yesterday, I overheated a Pyrex bowl in the microwave, took it out, placed it in the sink--which was dry--and it exploded into little square smithereens. Fortunately, the sink was deep enough to contain all the pieces, but it made me think that safety goggles might be good. After reading the article dr babes posted, I think I'll be extra careful with Pyrex.
sydney December 3, 2016
Exactly the same experience as Michele: Have lots of chips, use it all always, need it anyway, hope for the best, can't replace at the moment, cooking life goes on...
Michele December 3, 2016
I have read some of the pyrex stories, and I have a lot of pyrex as I do a lot of freezer cooking. Many of them have little chips, and some have bigger chips. I use them and I have never had a problem, which doesn't mean it won't ever happen. I just can't afford to replace them and still need to use them. So, if they explode I will just clean it up and sacrifice the contents.
drbabs December 3, 2016
Probably not. Apparently, some of the newer Pyrex dishes have not been properly tempered, making them less break resistant than older Pyrex. Here's an article that explains it:
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