Baking in different types of pie plates?

I just bought an Emile Henry pie dish and am looking forward to trying it out. I've used metal and glass pie plates before, but not stoneware. Should I adjust my oven temp or baking time?



Greenstuff April 19, 2011
I'm pretty sure that at Emile Henry pie plates are a regular ceramic, while the tagine is Flameware, a different product that can withstand much higher heat. That said, cooking in ceramics is pretty nice, and I think you'll like the crust your new pie plate gives you.
Sam1148 April 19, 2011
I haven't tried their pie plates. But I love their other stuff. I have a medium sized Tagine.

I use that more for 'no kneed bread' now than tagines.

I love their product, it's great for breads and the stone wear they use for the tagine was one of the only ones that would work on glasstop stove.

My only draw back is baking bread in it. It's difficult to clean to pristine state after much use..oil spots bake on. The light coating of oils in breads, when baked can bake on oil spots.
It's purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the performance.
sdebrango April 18, 2011
Oh yes, I love my Emile Henry pie plates. Amanda is right you may need an additional few minutes but the temp stays the same. You will love the results.
boulangere April 18, 2011
You will love it! Brilliant acquisition! Amanda is correct that it may take a bit longer to doneness, but oh, the crust you'll achieve! Lucky, lucky you!
Amanda H. April 18, 2011
It might take a little longer to bake (5 to 10 minutes) because stoneware is thicker and takes longer to heat, but there's no need to change the oven temperature. I think you'll like stoneware -- it's generally great for baking.
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