uses for baked chocolate chip cookies



ChefJune October 8, 2015
They make wonderful ice cream sandwiches.
Niknud October 7, 2015
Ah, the peanut butter rule. It's a cousin to the hummus rule. In our house, anything savory that can be turned into a sandwich type concoction has hummus smushed between it - tortillas, hotdog buns, bread ends. Anything sweet gets peanut butter. This applies to cookies, pancakes, waffles, leftover shortbread. So yah, go ahead and make yourself a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie sandwich.
PieceOfLayerCake October 7, 2015
I suggest the icebox cake from the article Lindsay posted. Queen of haute domesticity, Ina Garten, has a recipe with chocolate chip cookies and mocha whipped cream....Its ridiculously easy and SO good. If you feel like going an extra mile, pop em in a 325 oven for another 5 - 8 minutes, it'll dry them out a bit and they'll soak up more of the cream....I also chop the cookies into big chunks since you don't see them anyway, and it helps with texture!

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702551 October 7, 2015
Bring to work, spread out on plate, set on break room counter or table. Go back to desk and work.

About an hour later, return to break room, wash and dry empty plate.

The end.
Nancy October 7, 2015
Nice problem to have. Like the commenter in Lindsay-Jean's linked article, leftover choc chip cookies and leftover wine are rare avis here.
While I saw a few mentions of using them crushed as pie crust or crumble, I bet they would do just fine as-is whole in these concoctions:
1) as "crust" lining the bottom and maybe sides of a spring form pan for an espresso-flavored cheesecake.
2) in American version of trifle, replacing the sponge cake.
3) in tiramisu, again with the coffee, this time replacing ladyfingers or biscotti.
Lindsay-Jean H. October 7, 2015
Here are some ideas for repurposing extra cookies:
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