What is the "mixed spice"?



creamtea December 4, 2016
(I googled Persian rice pilav since the name Fahriye and the recipe ingredients (herbs, dill) appear to be Persian; I looked at a NYT recipe to arrive at the spices.
Nancy December 4, 2016
Usually, "mixed spice" in English or British recipes is a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg etc (what we think of as baking spices). Not sure Fahriye has British cooking background. But if yes, see this recipe from the BBC for a typical blend (there are many):
creamtea December 4, 2016
Sounds delicious. You could send the recipe author a private message by going to his/her profile page (click on the screenname of Fahriye, when you get to the profile page, click on the envelope icon, then type in your message. Hope this helps. Otherwise, I might go with cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and/or saffron? Hope others can chime in.
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