Does coffee make a good rub for meats when mixed with other spices? Which spices work best with it?

Charlie Colpaert


Fat T. February 4, 2015
Its not unlike me to add some coffee to the brine for a pork butt or shoulder either.
Dona February 4, 2015
I had the best steak at a restaurant recently. Here is a list of ingredients in the rub they use, and sell. Ground coffee, sea salt, brown sugar, smoked paprika, black pepper, garlic, onion, cumin, coriande and cacao.
Best steak I e ever had!
Nancy February 4, 2015
In a texas barbecue or brisket rub. Goes with the usual suspects - oregano, cumin, chili. I use one of 2 recipes by Ari Ehite (I think from San Antonio, now cooking near New York) and Tim byres (Dallas chef)...easy to find on web.
Nancy February 4, 2015
That should be Ari White.
Natalie B. February 3, 2015
Good question,
I don't eat animals, but I'm a coffee scientist...
Maybe a mix of orange, lemon, or cranberry with a lighter roast coarse grind.
You could also try cinnamon, honey, pepper, cayenne, cocoa...
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