Under-ripe kiwi fruit...ideas?

I've got about 8 under-ripe kiwi-fruit, too acidic and tough to eat raw. Because of the acidity, my first idea was to make a key lime pie -esque custard dessert, but I'm worried that pureeing the flesh will be too think and not acidic enough to make that work. On the savory side, I was looking through my copy of "The Flavor Bible" and there are some interesting submissions for flavor pairings like crab and chicken salad. So now I'm totally torn on what to try...

Has anyone made anything fabulous with underripe kiwis? Or have thoughts on how you would go about trying?

My Friend Maillard


Nancy December 5, 2016
Pickle them or make chutney.
MMH December 4, 2016
Put them in a brown paper bag with an apple. They will ripen quickly.
My F. December 4, 2016
Ah, yes I should have mentioned HOW underripe they are. I tried using an apple and they didn't change in 4 days that's when I started trying to think of other things.
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