Any recommendations on cookbooks for kids? Would want it to have actual recipes in it!

Just want the level of difficulty and the number of steps to be kid friendly. Thanks!

Haley Sonneland


sydney December 5, 2016
The illustrations here are lovely, but you'll have to look more closely, and at reviews, since I have no idea about the recipes:
Susan W. December 5, 2016
I second Fanny At Chez Panisse. I bought it for my daughter over 20 years ago and she remembers it fondly.
Exbruxelles December 5, 2016
Fanny at Chez Panisse: A Child's Restaurant Adventures
Niknud December 5, 2016
Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen is wonderful. I bought it for my two boys and they love it. Stephanie G already mentioned the Mollie Katzen kids books (she has a few), but I thought I would mention that I own this one and it's been a hit.
Rachel December 5, 2016
the Alpha Bakery Cookbook from Gold Medal Flour.
Nancy W. December 5, 2016
My 12 and 10 year olds have enjoyed this book for a few years now. One of the nice things about it is that it identifies steps that kids of different ages can do without help and what is better left to the adult helper!
Stephanie G. December 5, 2016
Mollie Katzen has some and Williams Sonoma published some good ones too. I believe there is a real lack of cookbooks in this area.
drbabs December 5, 2016
I got this for my niece, and it's delightful.
Nancy December 5, 2016
Age of the child/children?
Any special interests (yours or theirs)?
By the way, have you search the hotline already? If not, there are a few threads that are relevant, directly & indirectly.
Nancy December 5, 2016
I don't have any current recommendations for younger children.
For those 10 and over I would go with a respectable adult beginner cookbook. You or an adult will probably be cooking with them and teaching, but the book itself can be a teacher. And something to grow into.
My choice - Mark Bittman How to Cook Everything Basics.
Recommended by Food52