Where can I buy baking wafers? I've searched Amazon and kingarthurflour.com unsuccessfully.

  • Posted by: TT
  • December 5, 2016


TT December 5, 2016
They seem to be softer than crackers, not crisp. At least, they're not crisp after being baked with the lebkuchen batter. The ingredients for a package from germandeli.com are wheat flour and starch. The wafers are easier to find if you search for "back oblaten" instead of "baking wafers".
Smaug December 5, 2016
What are they, anyway? From the recipe, sounds like maybe some kind of cracker or bland cookie- though the part where you split them with a paring knife would require a pretty unusual cracker.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 5, 2016
Hi TT, in the headnotes of the recipe she also suggests trying edelweissimports.com, germandeli.com, and germangrocery.com.
TT December 5, 2016
Got it. Thanks!
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