Where I can buy a same dimension of parchment paper and baking sheets? Thanks.

  • Posted by: Irina
  • August 21, 2019


Dona August 22, 2019
I buy in quantity from amazon or the restaurant supply store. It’s a lot but I can split with a friend.
Irina August 22, 2019
Last time I bought a parchment papers from Amazon and it was much large dimensions than my aluminum baking sheet. I cut some parchment paper. I thought that I can find as set of baking sheets with parchment paper without worrying to size a parchment paper.It will faster and much easier for me.
Dona August 22, 2019
I use half sheet pans and the parchment I get is the exact size.
Ethyl August 22, 2019
Agree with Dona -- the size of sheet pan you are looking for is called a "half sheet pan." That will usually fit the pre-cut sheets, which are usually for commercial use. A "cookie sheet" or "baking sheet" is not the same size. If you have a restaurant supply store in your town, you could always take one of the parchment sheets with you when you go shopping!
pattk1220 August 22, 2019
King Arthur has precut parchment paper. Around the winter holidays shipping on all sizes is usually free. Hope this is what you were looking for.
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