Can anyone help me with finding flour? Yes everyone it seems is baking bread as I want to do and very much need to buy some flour.

  • Posted by: Joan
  • April 16, 2020


Joan April 17, 2020
Thank you so much for your comments. It means so much to have anyone's help these days and you all are so great with your answers and come up with good suggestions. I got my yeast but no flour yet but I on looking all the time, rest assured hunting!!!! Thanks again, Joan, RVC,NY
Stephanie B. April 17, 2020
Also websites of bakeries. Some are selling ingredients, though I think they're selling out too.

I'm starting to see flour trickling back in stock, albeit not the full shelves we're using to seeing for the past few generations. But you have to go early in the morning. Most stores near me allow people with low risk for covid in at 8am, and even then the shelves are not full, so I can only imagine what little flour is available at 8-9am is sold out in a few hours. I'm still only seeing AP flour, but there are plenty of recipes for breads with AP flour.
louisez April 17, 2020
Try King Arthur and Bob's Red Mill web sites periodically, but be aware that even when they have flour, delivery times will be longer. I've had some luck with my delivery orders from Whole Foods and Shipt (which delivers here from a local grocery chain, Publix). I know it's hit or miss, but it's worth a try. Currently on the hunt for whole wheat. Sigh.
Nancy April 17, 2020
Three suggestions, but/and availability will vary by where you are:
Local mills
Wholesale suppliers.
FYI, the last two may have only or mostly supplies in large quantities, as part of the problem in retail stores is packaging in usual home-use sizes.
Check by phone before your make a special trip.
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