White Chocolate vs Almond Bark for covering pretzels?

I want to make white chocolate covered pretzels with red & green sprinkles for a fun holiday snack this season. Which would be better to use: white chocolate or almond bark? I've seen both used but I've never actually made chocolate covered pretzels, so I don't know if one has advantages over the other.

Stacy Scheier


QueenSashy December 8, 2016
White chocolate can be a nasty thing and can go truly evil on you when melted. Make sure you buy white chocolate couverture, becasue it is optimized for this kind of application. Ghirardelli has dipping white wafers, Valrhona and Callebaut are also trusted.
Em December 7, 2016
For chocolate covered pretzels, you want to start with just melted chocolate (white, milk, or dark) and then roll the pretzels in whatever topping you want after dunking them in the chocolate. A fun tip: you can buy colored chocolate disks at a party or arts and crafts store if you want to go multicolored.
drbabs December 6, 2016
I would use the best white chocolate I could find, one with only cocoa butter, milk and sugar. Here's an article about white chocolate from Serious Eats: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/12/what-is-white-chocolate-best-brands.html
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