Can you put coconut and almonds in melted chocolate

Want to make a coconut, almond and chocolate bark.

Tori Smith


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Nancy December 15, 2015
One way to get the effect of bark without dipping is to melt and spread your chocolate in sheet pans or forms, then - while it has cooled a little but is still soft - press your fixings (nuts, fruits, chopped candy canes) into the chocolate. chill, cut, wrap and give.
boulangere December 14, 2015
Tori S. December 14, 2015
Ive been researching recipes and 99% of them have the coconut seperated from the chocolate. Most of them were coconut dipped in choc. I had a lot of experience in choc bark but dont want to mess this up. Plus its expensive to make all the different barks I make for the holidays. Why do most recipes dip instead of mixing?
702551 December 14, 2015
Maybe because it looks more like bark?
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