What is a good substitute for the alcohol?

  • Posted by: Kim o
  • December 8, 2016
Elizabeth David's Chocolate Cake
Recipe question for: Elizabeth David's Chocolate Cake


Kim O. December 8, 2016
Thanks for all the ideas!
Smaug December 8, 2016
One tablespoon of brandy is not going to have much influence on the flavor- notice how casual the author is about the type of liquor. You could ignore it, sub more coffee, use rum extract (not sure how alcoholic that is), use a different extract, throw in some maple syrup-really not something to worry about much.
Nancy December 8, 2016
If you want the fruitiness of the brandy and also to avoid alcohol, consider a high quality grape, pomegranate, cherry or cranberry juice.
ktr December 8, 2016
I would use more coffee to substitute for the alcohol.
Aisha December 8, 2016
I've never made this recipe, but looking at it, the alcohol seems to be more for flavor than texture /chemical properties. You may be able to get away with omitting it, replacing it with water, or better yet, with a teaspoon or so of vanilla essence (which usually contains alcohol itself, so that's not such a bad substitute). The flavor will probably be different from what's intended in the recipe, but it won't be bad ! I do hope you get advice from someone who's made the cake though...
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