When do I know that it’s done?

The recipe calls for 50 minutes and up to as much as another 20 minutes depending upon your oven but also says that you can’t test for doneness using the ‘clean toothpick’ method. How do I know when it’s done!?!

  • Posted by: judy
  • May 12, 2019
Elizabeth David's Chocolate Cake
Recipe question for: Elizabeth David's Chocolate Cake


tia May 12, 2019
You could totally do temperature; the author says the toothpick just won't come out clean, not that it'll cause problems with the cake.
Nancy May 12, 2019
How nice to see Elizabeth David's name mentioned!
Anyway, here's an article with 5 ways to test a cake's doneness (the forbidden-this-time toothpick and four others).
I find the springiness and sides-pulling-away-from-pan good ones in practice.
The internal temp is also reliable, but probably forbidden as too similar to sticking a toothpick in.
Nancy May 12, 2019
Forgot the link:
judy May 12, 2019
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