A new way to cook dinner says to store lemons and garlic in a linen bag of plastic bag lined with paper towels. I have always stored my garlic in a cool pantry with onions. Why in fridge? Thanks, nt

  • Posted by: ntt2
  • December 11, 2016


Susan W. December 11, 2016
Are they possibly referring to garlic that you've peeled? I peel my garlic by putting a whole bulb in a glass mason type jar and shake like crazy until all the cloves separate from the bulb. The peels practically fall off after bashing around. I then store the peeled garlic in a small jar in the fridge.
Nancy December 11, 2016
Susan W -
Beat trick to peel garlic in a mason jar.
Do you also do the whipped-cream-in-a-mason-jar?
Nancy December 11, 2016
That was meant to be "neat trick!"
Susan W. December 11, 2016
Nancy, I've done that to make a slightly whipped, but pourable whipped cream for Irish coffees, but never tried it to that fluffy stage. If it takes 60-90 seconds, I'm in!!
Amanda H. December 11, 2016
If you have a cool pantry, you can definitely store your garlic there. We don't have cool areas to store garlic and onions (and we assumed many people don't) so we use our fridges. Both work! Thanks for checking out our book.
ntt2 December 11, 2016
Love it!
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