Most heat-resistant handle cover for cast iron?

I have a 12-in cast iron skillet by Lodge. I have a silicone handle cover that works okay when I'm cooking-- the light touches to turn or shake a pan are fine. But I want a handle cover or pot holder strong enough to transport the pan to my sink. The combination of weight, pressure, and time it takes to transport the pan means that my hands are burning through the silicone cover or a pot holder on the trip. Ideas?

Jana Maiuri


dinner A. December 14, 2016
I use Kevlar gloves to handle cast iron pots when I bake bread in them (in a 500 F oven), something like these:
I find normal cloth pot holders to be sufficient for more moderate heat and stovetop cooking though. I agree with ktr; your pot holders may be worn out. They get thinner and thus less insulating after lots of use.
HalfPint December 12, 2016
Try heavy-duty leather welding gloves. I think Home Depot has them. Does not heat through as quickly. I use them whenever I am cooking with very high temps.
ktr December 12, 2016
Are your pot holders old? I've noticed mine don't seem to work as well when they get too old.
Nancy December 12, 2016
I have the same pan, and yes it takes care to move when hot and full.
To handle when hot, I use on old chef trick...a full cotton hand-towel, usually the one I've been working with and one more. Folded twice, each gives 4 layers of protection and a wide area so skin doesn't touch iron.
One caution: don't use a wet towel, as water conducts heat.
Relatively cheap, sturdy, washable at hot temps.
drbabs December 11, 2016
Let it cool first? Use your handle cover and a pot holder together?
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