Need a good almond cake or other nut spice cake for Christmas lunch! (entree is Indian food!) Please help!!

Katie Athaide


Ali W. December 21, 2016
This one is great:
Lost_in_NYC December 20, 2016
You could do a zucchini-lime-pistachio cake that would work well with Indian food.
Kay December 20, 2016
You could try a Swiss carrot cake (it's made with a lot of grounded almonds) with cinnamon and nutmeg. I found this recipe in english, despite the missing cinnamon and nutmeg, it's about the same recipe I use
Kay December 20, 2016
Sorry! No nutmeg, cloves!!
foofaraw December 19, 2016
For baking, you should try leaf lard. leaf lard is very white and the least pig-smell compared to lard from other pig's parts. The lard came from the kidney or internal organs. Try Farmers Market or butcher for the rendered or raw leaf lard.
foofaraw December 19, 2016
sorry wrong page.
dinner A. December 19, 2016
I really love this citrus-almond-olive oil cake. It has whole puréed citrus fruits in it, which give it a really complex flavor along with the toasted ground almonds and olive oil:
Nancy December 17, 2016
Pierre Herme has a great version (which I've made many times) of pain d'epice, which is a French fruit nut spice cake. It calls for almonds and walnuts (total 1c), but you could use all almonds if that's your preference.
beavergoodman December 17, 2016
Not sure it is what you are looking for, but for a simple almond cake I like Nigella's easy almond cake:
It's great with fruit.
HalfPint December 16, 2016
Make a Swedish Visiting Cake. Here's a recipe adapted from Dorie Greenspan's recipe,

It's very easy and incredibly delicious.

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