I am making a butter chicken and don't have all the spices. What's a good store product to help me. Also I need another dish that isn't cream

I want to turn my boyfriend onto Indian food. Another dish that's not creamy and that is spicy and flavorful that I can eat with naan and rice. Thanks

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • January 18, 2015


Meaghan F. January 19, 2015
Chicken tikka (NOT tikka masala, which is creamy) is a good one, plus I've adapted the general recipe to use shrimp or pork pieces depending on what i have on hand if you want to do something non-poultry after your butter chicken.
stephanieRD January 18, 2015
Tandoori chicken is a great way to go. Powerful, flavorful, and most importantly delicious!
Nancy January 18, 2015
Rajma curry (kidney beans), great with either rice or bread. Or a dal (lentil) dish. On spices, if you don't have them, add coriander and cardamom (seeds, to grind and add, or small bottles of already ground), also some kind of peppers... Black and/or red. You will find use for the 2 seeds in other dishes.
Nancy January 19, 2015
The dal can be made as a main (more like stew) or as a first course (more like soup). If you''re looking for a side to the butter chicken, make a delicious rice, with vegetables, dried fruit, nuts like pistachios (look for recipes called biryani pilaf pilau). And there are many Indian spinach recipes that would go nicely with the chicken. See allrecipes or about.com in its Indian food section.
lloreen January 18, 2015
Indian style cauliflower and potato (aloo gobi) does not have any cream. It's usually vegan (or almost if you use butter instead of oil). Neither does Dahl.
What spices are you missing? You can buy pre made garam masala, but you'll also want some cumin, turmeric for color, and cinnamon.
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