Dorie Greenspan's Orange and Ginger Brownie Cookies

I was about to bake and freeze these to bring as gifts when travel next week. Two things about the recipe are giving me pause. Here's the link - she says it's a variation on her brownie cookies if you're familiar with those:
Any chance anyone has made these? The recipe says best the same day, whereas most cookie recipes say at least a few days storage is OK. If you've made them, how did they last (I trust Dorie...just wondering how stale they'd be on day 2 or 4), and by any chance did you freeze them?
They get rolled in confectioner's sugar before getting baked. Any input on how that would come through the freezer? Of course I can give them another sprinkle after defrosting.
Thank you!!

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1 Comment

drbabs December 18, 2016
I haven't made these (but I want to! Thanks!). Here is my suggestion. Make the cookie dough today, refrigerate it for the 3 hours, then bake off 3-4 cookies, let them cook thoroughly, wrap them well, and freeze them overnight. See what happens when you take them out tomorrow. (Let them defrost uncovered so you don't get condensation on them.) I suspect they will be fine, but if not, you can freeze the unbaked dough for another time and make something else.
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