Merry Christmas, all!

I have some wild duck (two whole ducks and two whole breasts) and was planning to braise them in pinot noir w/ some dried Herbs de Provence. I've made this quite a few times using domestic duck legs but haven't cooked wild duck before, so I'd appreciate any tips. Thanks a lot!

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • December 24, 2010


pierino December 24, 2010
Whatever you do, hold some back for cassoulet. It's that time of year.
DebJ December 24, 2010
they don't have the fat that domestic ducks do. Can't bard them w/ bacon or pork fat b/c one of my guests keeps kosher. The milk bath sounds like a good idea.
aargersi December 24, 2010
I have never made wild duck but I know that when we have cooked other wild birds a good soaking in milk first heps reduce the gaminess. I would up the amount of herbs / aromatics too - are they fat like their dometic counterparts or do you need to add some fat as well?
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