Looking for cookie recipe of unknown origin

This is from a Greek cafe, but my Greek pals say their grandmas don't make it. I suspect it might be German, Italian or Hungarian. The cookie tastes like it has walnuts in the dough, has a sticky/egg like texture to it, not a lot of flour, light like a macaron and is sandwiched with jam. Anyone recognize who makes this because I need this recipe. They are amazing. Thanks!!!!

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QueenSashy December 21, 2016
I think that I know the cookie. I've seen it a lot in Serbia (even made it a long time ago). I suspect that it is of central European origin (most likely Austro-Hungarian). Sometimes people in the region call them kisses. It is based on meringue with a heavy dose of ground walnuts (no flour). They are usually stitched with chocolate, and sometimes with jam. I have several recipes for it in my grandmother's notebook, but have not made them in a long time and not sure anymore which recipe to trust (especially on the baking time and temperature). I would be happy to type it in and send you as a guideline / thought process, if you are willing to experiment :)
NakedBeet December 21, 2016
Oh, you're my hero! I would love what you have as far as a recipe and now I can do a search for these with that info, too. I'm definitely an experimenter, so please, send along! ; ) Thank you so much for answering.
NakedBeet December 21, 2016
Oh, and the bakery calls them "Nua"
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