How should multiply these recipe sofr 14 people?

Should I double, do 1 1/2, or what for these recipes for Chrustmas dinner? They are all going to be used as sides and there will be 14 people.

Diego de la Torre


Nancy December 23, 2016
Similar to what the others say.
If you have a big menu and/or don't want many leftovers I would double the green bean recipe (to serve 12) and leave the latkes at 1× (gives everone 2+ latkes).
On the other hand, if you have fewer dishes, know your guests love these &/or don't mind leftovers, triple the green beans and make 1.5-2X latke recipe (each could have 5).
BTW, cooked latkes (without sauce) freeze beautifully.
drbabs December 22, 2016
It depends. Are you the only Persian making side dishes? If there are a lot of sides, people will generally not take a full serving, so the recipes should be enough. But if those are the only ones, I'd double them both.
drbabs December 22, 2016
Person! Sorry
creamtea December 22, 2016
I would double the first recipe.
For the second recipe, maybe x1-1/2. You can make slightly smaller latkes in order to have more.
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