how to cook 9lb pork shoulder in oven, want to do mississippi roast recipe for flavor. Could brown/roast in dutch oven, in the oven?

I have a 9lb pork shoulder to cook that i want to do the mississippi recipe with (butter, ranch,gravy, pepperocinni) wondering what temp, and how long to cook, should i brown it in my dutch oven first and put in oven to roast, can I do it overnight low and slow? I also do not own a meat thermometer, so would have to guesstimate as best as I can for doneness.

Alyssia Hill


Leith D. December 25, 2016
I've browned it first in the Dutch oven, then moved it to the crockpot...I'm sure you can do the same thing and move it to the oven. Cook it on 250 to 300, when it falls apart it will be done, no need for a thermometer after that long. I'd cover it with foil though, because the meat needs to stay moist.
Alyssia H. December 25, 2016
thank you! this is the method i ended up going with and it turned out great!
Lindsay-Jean H. December 25, 2016
This thread has time and cooking suggestions for a similar sized pork shoulder:
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