Amanda's recipe for chocolate caramel tart -- caramel too thin even after chilling

I just followed Amanda's NYT recipe for chocolate caramel tart. I put it in the fridge over night and sliced immediately after removing from the fridge. Very yummy but ozzy pool of caramel. Could not serve to guests. What did I do wrong? Thank you.

  • Posted by: John
  • December 25, 2016
  • 1 Comment

1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. December 25, 2016
Hi John, one of the commenters says, "I have made this numerous times and it is always a hit. Make sure the caramel is a deep caramel color or it won't set up properly. When this happens, the caramel filling oozes out...still tastes great just not as pretty. And the salt is essential." -- any chance your caramel might have been on the lighter side?
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