2017 Food Trends and Predictions

Yesterday I was reading the 'annual' Food Trends and Prediction article (Washington Post). For 2017 the ones to watch are plant proteins and healthy fats, according to the article. Quinoa, sprouts are in, low fat cheese and low fat dairy, out! No mention of kale (not sad about that), leafy greens, meat, cupcakes or pie. Whole milk and cream will be used in coffee in place of low-fat dairy. I have always, and I mean, always, have used whole milk and cream in my coffee. I love the richness. Considering I only have one cup a day, I indulge. What trends would you like to see added to the list? There needs to be something fun added like Triple Stacked Whoopee pies!



Imogen August 31, 2017
Unicorn related foods. Salty/sweet combos. Za'atar and 'nduja. Cauliflower rice. "Bowls", instagrammable desserts, fake gluten allergies
BerryBaby September 1, 2017
Cauliflower rice is everywhere!
BerryBaby August 31, 2017
Ok, so a big trend that I overlooked...Cold Brew Coffee. Seeing it in every grocery store, coffee shop, newspapers, magazines. Individual bottles in the coolers right next to soda, water and tea. Has anyone tried the boxed varieties?
AntoniaJames August 31, 2017
I make my own New Orleans style concentrate, thanks to this great piece from Blue Bottle Coffee (no special equipment needed!) https://bluebottlecoffee.com/preparation-guides/new-orleans-iced I buy ground roasted chicory from Nuts.com (wonderful stuff) and make a week's supply at once, skipping the syrup; I use sweetened vanilla almond milk ice cubes instead, or unsweetened if that's all I have on hand. ;o)
BerryBaby August 30, 2017
Have seen a lot recipes in the papers and magazines on S'mores.
Lots of fresh produce articles salads and soups being tops. S'mores, Whoopie pies, Moon pies, all are about the same to me...way too sweet but all have been featured quite a bit so far this year.
Stephanie B. August 29, 2017
I eat what I like.
BerryBaby August 29, 2017
More than halfway through the year. Has anyone noted any food trends? Lots of articles recently on season produce and avocado recipes seem to be still popping up. Other than that, haven't seen any trends here. What about in your part of the country? Trends? BB

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Smaug December 29, 2016
A pox on all trends and fads.
BerryBaby August 31, 2017
I agree that I personally don't eat what is 'trendy' but find it interesting to see what the 'experts' are saying will be popular.
Stephanie G. December 29, 2016
HalfPint December 29, 2016
I heard that Taiwanese cuisine will be big in 2017.
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