do you cook foods before freezing

my daughter is expecting her first baby and I would like to prepare foods for them so they don't have to cook. can most foods be freezed after cooking and then reheated?

Sharyn Burnett


Dina January 4, 2017
I am actually planning a big cooking weekend for a friend who is having a baby soon, and I am planning to cook everything before I freeze it. That way, she can just grab, thaw, and go, without having to also cook (and I don't have to include cooking instructions).

I'm also planning lots of things that can be eaten with one hand: mini-meatloaf muffins, spanakopita triangles, breakfast quesadillas, etc.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 31, 2016
Sometimes you a recipe is best cooked then frozen or assembled and frozen. Depends on what you're making. Here is a link from the site with great recipes that can be frozen to help out your daughter.
Smaug December 31, 2016
They can- it can be a mess as far as texture some times.
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