When can I soak apples in apple juice? Before or after cooking them, so they won't turn brown.

Also I am freezing them for later use. They are green apples and using them to make baby food.

Robyn Rex Smith


Susan W. August 18, 2015
Robyn, not sure the soaking will do anything, but rather than add citric acid or anything else, I would just not worry about it. It won't be gross brown, it just won't be Gerber white/yellow. As Garlic Fiend said..lucky baby. :)
Robyn R. August 18, 2015
I was just letting you know what I was doing with the food. that is all
Garlic F. August 18, 2015
Ah! Ok. Lemon juice or citric acid can prevent some browning, but I don't know how effective that will be since you'll be cooking the apples. Brown applesauce will still be delicious and that is one very lucky baby who gets to enjoy homemade applesauce!
Garlic F. August 18, 2015
Cooked apples will turn brown. Oxidation and all that. Very natural. I don't understand what turning brown has to do with baby food?
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