Nashville foodies!

My husband and I are visiting Nashville in Feb for two days three nights. If there are any Nashville locals willing to share where they like to eat/drink or where we can go for some cool non-touristy atmosphere Id appreciate the suggestions!:)

Jennifer W


Erin January 2, 2017
My in laws live there, so not a local, but love to visit and eat! Breakfast at Pinewood social, dinner at Rolf and Daughters, Husk, 5th and Taylor. Hot chicken at Hattie Bs or Princes'. Agree with previous poster you should check out food boards before you go...the list of 'musts' is too long for three nights.
Smaug January 2, 2017
Not me (I don't think you can really eat at the Bluebird Cafe), but has a bunch of local boards you might look into.
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