best method to mail or store popovers

mailing will take two to three days

  • Posted by: Kathy
  • December 7, 2014


bugbitten December 7, 2014
Curiously, we made popovers last night and reheated them for brunch today. Cooks says they keep at room temp for two days in a ziplock. Reheat at 400 for 5-8 mins. They were crisp and good. I don't think you could ship them unless you invest in a drone.
Pegeen December 7, 2014
Antigoni, great minds think alike! :-)
Pegeen December 7, 2014
Popovers are the best, but as Cookbookchick and others explain, you do not want to ship these. They have to be eaten right out of the oven or they'll be sad, stale and shriveled by the time UPS delivers them.

Would it work to make a gift out of popover ingredients? A popover pan, a nicely typed or handwritten recipe, and possibly the dry ingredients blended in a mason jar.
Antigoni S. December 7, 2014
You could send the dry ingredients in a jar with a popover pan and a recipe card in the mail. All the receiver will have to do is prepare the wet/fresh ingredients when they are ready to bake them! It makes a cute package!
Greenstuff December 7, 2014
Great idea, but... The only dry ingredient in most basic popover recipes is flour. How about the recipe plus a popover pan?
Greenstuff December 7, 2014
(Hope that didn't sound snarky--always a risk when typing on a phone and not seeing the whole message. I meant to agree with you.)
Susan W. December 7, 2014
I agree with CBC, they are something that needs to be made in the moment and eaten right away. I would find something that travels well. I just sent my daughter beef jerky, ghee, chocolate chip cookie bars and brownies. Sturdy items that hold well and that she's homesick for.
Susan W. December 7, 2014
You could include your recipe for popovers.
Kathy December 7, 2014
Because it is the ONLY method of sharing. Yes, if I could be there, I would love to bake and eat them right away.
cookbookchick December 7, 2014
Popovers are a dish of the moment. They should be eaten as quickly as possible after emerging from the oven. Why would you want to ship or store them? Are you sure you mean popovers?
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