I accidentally got a turkey breast that is injected with stuff. I want to brine it but the advice says "no." Can I soak it somehow to lessen the salt



Roberta January 8, 2017
ChefJune January 6, 2017
I don't think you can do much to remove the salt. The best would be to cook it with veggies and little to no salt and hope they will pick up some salt from the too-salty turkey.
sydney January 6, 2017
If you're not in a position (store policy, receipt, time period...) to return it, then I think you're sort of hooped. 'Brining' refers to putting salt, sugar, and flavours INTO meat; you're trying to remove it, not brine further. If it were me I would poach in simmering water (taken off the boil to a slow simmer) for as long as possible, hoping to leach the salt out and into unseasoned water. You could do it a few times, dumping the water each time. It should remove the salt, but the meat texture will change considerably. There probably wasn't much flavour to begin with if it was a brined industrial bird, so it's not as though the flavour will be degraded so much. It should be OK for a soup or stew. Some would suggest soaking or simmering in sugar and maybe that's an idea; but I try to avoid adding insult to injury in cooking mistakes. Good luck! :-)
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