I'm looking for advice on how to flavor/roast skinless turkey breasts with the same herb/salt/lemon peel blend I'm using on the main bird.

Picked up my turkey at the butcher today for a Thanksgiving party tomorrow and it was well under the weight I wanted. Best I could do was add a couple breasts but they're skinless. They're quite large, around a kilo a piece. The complete turkey is already rubbed with herbs, salt, and lemon peel to sit overnight before roasting. Tips on how to get a similar flavor on the breasts? Just repeat the same mix-- or will the flavor come out much stronger without the skin? THANK YOU!

  • Posted by: MegB
  • November 22, 2013


creamtea November 22, 2013
I'd worry that roasting along with the whole bird will dry them out. Maybe I'd salt them and allow to permeate, refrigerated, overnight. Then I'd cook with a moist heat method using freshly squeezed citrus juices, orange and lime perhaps, or bitter orange,or blood orange though it's a little early in the season, and something oniony, like scallions or onions--I'd look up some Latin American recipes for inspiration.
pierino November 22, 2013
creamtea, you are thinking along the same lines as me. I would go Roy Choi vs Norman Rockwell. Something like braised turkey tacos with kimchi. I know I could sell those.
pierino November 22, 2013
Skinless turkey is just adding bad on bad. All of the natural flavor (as little as there is) is in the skin. A brine might help but I would be tempted to agressively season and repurpose---like perhaps a turkey gumbo where you disguise the bland taste.
aargersi November 22, 2013
Hi Meg - my go-to for any white meat, including pork - is a brine. You could make a brine with 1/4c each salt and sugar, and add all of your seasonings as well. What I do is bring it all to a boil in a small amount of water then add a bunch of ice so that I can get the bird (or whatever) brining right away. Even if you do it now and it only brines a few hours, it will pick up a LOT of flavor and added moistness.
MegB November 24, 2013
Thanks, Abbie-- I followed your advice (brined overnight) and the breasts are DELICIOUS. They have a ton of flavor. Thanks so much!
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