Updated dishwasher recommendations?

Given the rather alarming noises that are emerging from the bowels of my our old dishwasher, I suspect the time is approaching when a new appliance will have to be purchased. I checked the hotline (as you do) but the last thread was several years old. So would like updated recommendations on a good, quiet dishwasher. Not terribly concerned about the cost and we are willing to pay for excellent functioning. But not so much just for a name (i.e., American Ranges versus Viking). My foggy drinking classes and not-so-clean plates thank you in advance!

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • January 10, 2017


Niknud January 26, 2017
Update 2: Well, we've just finished up our first week with our shiny new dishwasher and I couldn't be more happy. Ok, well, technically I COULD be more happy, but not as far as kitchen appliances are concerned. This thing is freaking quiet. Like quiet, quiet. And everything comes out sparkly and clean. And it uses a tiny amount of dishwasher power. Like, one tablespoon of powder. So far, I have been nothing but delighted. I can now watch Outlander without wondering whether I'm hearing clashing broadswords or my plates clanking together. Not that I didn't appreciate the surround sound effect, but the impact was somewhat less thrilling during the dialogue bits. Again, can't that the awesome hotline crew enough!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 26, 2017
Great to hear your update!
Bevi January 20, 2017
On the don't buy side - do not buy an ASKA
BerryBaby January 20, 2017
I've not heard of that brand. BB
Sam1148 January 20, 2017
About 10 years ago. We got a Bosh. Great stuff until it turned evil and started leaking. Little leaking that slowly destroyed the flooring.
The repair guy said they're wonderful until you need to repair...then you might as well replace (Which we with a Sears trade in).

Look at the bottom of the bosh dishwasher. There's a 'drip tray' there. Designed to catch leaks. Which is a thoughtful addition because it leaked, and apparently they knew it would leak...and said "oh we'll just put a drip tray there" and a float switch....They expect it to leak. All fine and well until the switch jamms. and the drip tray fills up.

Do a google search with "Bosh Dishwasher Leaking" and see the number of hits.
While "GE dishwasher leaking" returns a similar number...ask your self which one is more popular and in more homes?
BerryBaby January 20, 2017
All of our previous dishwashers were GE and we very happy with them. The last one leaked, unbeknownst to us, and the floor had damage. Doesn't matter what brand when it comes to leaking. I believe many do leak after years of use. We were happy with GE but replaced it with Bosch and we're extremely happy with how quiet and efficient it is. Could it leak? Maybe, but we are now more knowledgeable as to what to check and keep up with maintaining it.
Niknud January 17, 2017
Update! I know you've all been biting your nails to the quick waiting for the big dishwasher reveal. Well (drum roll please), we decided to go with the Bosch! Given the overwhelming consensus here and a bit of research online, it seemed like the perfect combo of reliability and functionality. Splurged and got the 800 model which will (apparently) be so quiet as to require a little red light that shines on the floor when it's running so you don't forget and open it mid-cycle. *Excited shiver* Gets installed this week. Thanks for all the help/advice!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 17, 2017
Mazel Tov! Thanks for the update and hope you love it!
creamtea January 17, 2017
Congrats. A bit of splurge is worth it in the long run for extra functionality. I'm looking at that one too for the adjustable middle rack, plus the top rack: looks like it will have room for whisks and other odd-sized utensils. If you can, let us know how you love it!!
BerryBaby January 18, 2017
Excellent! Have had ours for a couple of months and still have to check the red light on the floor to see if it is on! It holds a lot of dishes, I was really surprised, which means you run it less often, that is if you have enough clean dishes to use. Report back with your review. BB
ktr January 17, 2017
Also a consideration, make sure there is someone in your area that will do repairs on whatever brand you choose.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 17, 2017
absolutely! I buy at local appliance stores for their quick repair appointments and customer service. learned the hard way on that lesson - bye, bye big box stores!
QueenSashy January 16, 2017
17 years ago, when we moved into our apartment we bought a Bosch dishwasher. FIve years ago, we decided to remodel our kitchen. We bought a high-end Miele and gave the Bosch to our friend. Bosch is still running strong, Miele broke three times....
Eddelweiss January 18, 2017
Thank you so much for the info on the Miele, I had considered buying one, in fact I was pretty sold on the idea. I had heard they had an extremely long warranty.
QueenSashy January 18, 2017
That is correct, they have a long warranty. Their customer service is also excellent. (The reason I know it is because I saw a lot of their customer service, ha ha ha.) I have two ovens and a dishwasher and they all broke within six months. (Also, bear in mind that when the warranty expires, their parts and repair are very expensive.) I rarely leave negative reviews (and maybe my case is an outlier), but if I ever get to remodel my kitchen again (which most likely I will not) I'll go with a different brand.
creamtea January 11, 2017
I'm also considering a new dishwasher. For those who are recommending Bosch, do you have clean out the filter frequently? I've always had dishwashers with self-cleaning filters. Bosch is top-rated in CR but I'm not sure I want to be bothered with frequent cleanings....
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 11, 2017
6+ years going strong and clean, I don't think I have a self-cleaning filter on the Ecosense.
BerryBaby January 12, 2017
Doesn't need to be done too often but only takes a few minutes. Keeps your dishwasher from getting that funky smell like the self cleaning one we had. Think of it as cleaning out the lint tray on your clothes dryer. Takes a little time but the reward is worth it.
BerryBaby January 10, 2017
Bosch! We had our kitchen updated recently and all new appliances installed. The Bosch is SO quiet and holds an insane about if dishes! I'd highly recommend checking out all the Bosch models. I'm positive you will find one that accommodates your needs.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 12, 2017
Ugh, time to look closer to see if I have one and clean it out!
ChefJune January 10, 2017
First of all, Viking is an American made and domiciled company.
As for dishwashers, I have had my Jenn-Air dishwasher for 12 years, and it is as efficient and quiet today as when it was installed. I can't say enough good things about it. Sometimes I still have to go in and check that it's running because it is so quiet.
Niknud January 10, 2017
Hi June - thanks for the recommendation. I meant the American Range company (that's it's name). It makes good quality gas ranges that aren't quite as pricey as the Viking. :)
ChefJune January 11, 2017
Thanks for that info, Rachael. I haven't been range shopping for a long time. (Thankfully) my Jenn-Air dual fuel is as reliable as my dishwasher. Wasn't aware of the American Range Company.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 10, 2017
My Bosch was a game-changer.
Niknud January 10, 2017
Game-changer because of it's high degree of awesomeness? Do you have a similar model to the one Jeremy mentioned above?
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 10, 2017
Let me check out the model...brb
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 10, 2017
Bosch Ecosense. Game-changer because I had NO idea that a dishwasher could be so quiet! It looks good in the kitchen without the control panel being in your face. It cleans so well! everything. When I first bought it I had trouble with the configuration f the dish racks and was miserable. Couldn't fit my pans, dishes glasses & flatware like I did in the past because I bought American. American and European seem to have a different configuration with the racks. Called Bosch and without cost set me a new insert. Problem solved. It has been 6 years and very happy. It also has an adjustable rack setting to make it higher & lower for pots/pans/serving dishes that are oversized/odd-sized.
Niknud January 10, 2017
Excellent! Thanks for all the info. Sounds like Bosch is definitely getting a close look.
ktr January 10, 2017
We have a samsung and have been very happy with it. The appliance repair guy that came to try to fix our old one recommended it. He also said that dishwashers with steel drums are quieter and dishes dry better in them. He also recommended getting a mid-level dishwasher. The cheaper ones don't work as well and the higher end ones typically are charging for extra features you likely won't use. That being said, my parents recently purchased a higher end samsung dishwasher and I love that her silverware sit on a top shelf rather than in a basket, and the door opens when the dishes are done. The door opening would be nice because we normally wash dishes at night, open the door in the morning and then have to wait a few hours for them to finish drying. On the other hand, I can see my toddler finding the door open and taking dishes out.
Lost_in_NYC January 10, 2017
My parents purchased the trio of stainless steel Samsung appliances (range, dishwasher, fridge) during their kitchen remodel 2 years and they couldn't be happier! The newer versions do have upgrades compared to older models that do take a little getting used to (basket vs tray for utensils as mentioned by KTR) but my mom loves it and she's a dishwasher queen! Also one important thing to consider when shopping is size, some are slightly bigger or smaller then others (compared to older models) so make sure to factor that into your kitchen needs.

Good luck shopping!
Jeremy B. January 10, 2017
My wife and I purchased a Bosch a few years ago (specifically model SHX53TL5UC) and could not be happier with its operation. Beyond the obvious keeping dishes clean, the biggest benefit to me is that it is virtually silent. We have an open kitchen and our dining room table is 6 feet from the dishwasher, but we have no qualms about running it when we have guests over. The noise is barely perceptible.
Niknud January 10, 2017
It's going on the list! We have a similar open layout in our house so quiet is high on the list of requirements. Hoping for several suggestions so we can have a good starting point. Thanks for the recommendation.
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