Citrus press/juicer - recommendations (quality/value)?

Being subject to the unpredictable but almost-always gloomy Midwestern winter - I have discovered that a market near me sells bags of Valencia oranges at an excellent price. This made me miss the incomparable fresh orange juice I would get from cafes in Lisbon and the Algarve (even the bag-in-box stuff on the shelf in the hypermarket is amazing). Of course, all I have to decide now is how to juice them.

A consistently on sale Cuisinart model intrigues me but the low price and durability of the plastic reamer gives me doubts ( ). The Breville Die-Cast model ( ) seems much more durable and has a smaller footprint but is also many times the price of the Cuisinart. A Waring Pro model I've seen around on eBay and other outlets is USA made. Reviews for the Waring Pro state that it is very loud and some write that the gears can get stripped in less than a year. That is not encouraging. As for manual presses, I have never used one so I am not sure how tedious they are to use.

I'm grateful for any suggestions, advice, and warnings you might have in regard to my quandry.

Jan Weber


caninechef January 26, 2017
Sorry I do not remember the prices but I saw a flock of palm manual juicers at Marshall's yesterday. These look like what is listed as "professional" models via a google search. They take up some counter room but as to durability it looks like you could juice an elephant daily and confidently leave it in your will to a grandchild.
Jan W. January 27, 2017
Marshall's - wow they seem to be getting a lot of interesting stuff lately. I will have to check out the the one at N Clark & Halsted (Chicago) next time I get a chance to hike up that way.
Jan W. January 16, 2017
Thanks all for your suggestions!

Sydney - it seems the Philips electric reamer that you have is currently only available in the India market. All of the stockists selling it are India and Amazon links take me to .

Nancy - will definitely consider the attachments, there seem to be a few available. That way I won't feel so guilty for adding yet another huge single-function appliance to my small-ish kitchen.

Nancy January 15, 2017
2 suggestions:
If there is a citrus-juicer attachment available for an appliance you own with a strong motor, get one of those. It uses the strong motor and doesn't take up more counter space.
For manual, i would get one of the brightly colored metal 2-piece levers. Good for orange juice and usable also for smaller fruit (lemons, limes)
sydney January 14, 2017
I have a weird little electric Philips thing that reams when you push the citrus half onto it. Kind of labour-intensive for a labour-saving device (you have to stop to empty the juice since the keeper isn't large, stop to clean the pulp off the strainer, etc...), but it seems to have done the trick for the number of times per year I use it.
Smaug January 14, 2017
I looked into the tabletop manual machines some- the reviews on all of them were so equivocal that I ended up with a hand held model instead, which has served me well. Don't know about electrics, other than that a friend used to swear by her "Champion" juicer.
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