Pantry Staples for Winter

We had a super, surprising, winter storm this week. We all knew it was coming but I was still amazed at how many people were freaking out grabbing everything in sight at the grocery store. My first thought was, "Do they not keep food in their house?" Or, maybe they just don't plan ahead. When seasons change, so do my shopping habits.

With winter I make sure I have plenty of stock, broth, canned tomatoes and beans to make soup, stews and one pot meals
Pasta, all shapes and sizes
Meat, chicken breasts, ground beef/pork, sausage, a few roasts in the freezer (even if you don't like to freeze meat, it is a lifesaver if you can't leave the house for days)
Cheese of all kinds
Crackers, nuts, chips
Vegetables, fresh, frozen
Milk, fresh, evaporated, coconut boxed/canned
Fruit canned or fresh
And, of course, sugar, flour, eggs, chocolate to make sweets. What's more fun than baking on a snow day?

What are your winter staples? BB



Smaug January 16, 2017
I can see that there might be some trouble with grocery deliveries in the northern reaches of the country, and flooding could be a problem in some parts, but I think for most of the country it's business as usual in the grocery business- in California, anyway, I tend to buy more canned tomatoes, but mostly don't worry about it much.
caninechef January 16, 2017
If you look in the carts of all those frantic shoppers I think a lot of times it is more about snacking etc to keep restless kids( and husbands) at bay. Beer, chips, cookies etc often predominate, not ingredients for a well balanced dinner. Also jugged water is big in this area if there is a threat of loosing power.
creamtea January 15, 2017
Beans-both dried and canned
Potatoes-russet, creamer, sweet
Chicken, frozen
Sausages (ditto)
Canned tomatoes, including "fire-roasted"
smoked salmon of various types (can be frozen)
Jarred olives, capers, smoked anchovies, piquillo peppers,
sun-dried tomatoes in packets
a knob of ginger, frozen whole or pre-grated and frozen in spoonfuls on wax paper
alliums: garlic, shallots, onions, scallions
frozen vegetables: peas, corn kernels
Brown rice

scruz January 15, 2017
lots of citrus, bananas, apples. lettuce, cleaned and bagged to last for 2 weeks, yogurt, sour cream, potatoes (yukon and baking and sweet), split peas, frozen ham hocks for soups, lots of crackers and uncooked frozen meats (double wrapped you would never know after cooking). coffee and canned milk in case i run out of fresh. steel cut oats. nut butters. cabbage. black forest ham, eggs, ementhaler.
BerryBaby January 15, 2017
Thanks, scruz! Yes, yogurt and granola for topping.
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