How do I get water out of my frozen steak

I have been freezing steak and what I find when I go to sear them, so much water gets released to the point that it's difficult to be seared.

I have tried patting it dry, I have tried leavin the meat out for 40 minutes. Is there any other known way to let the water out of beef that's been frozen, to create a nice sear without the excess of water to steam it?

If it helps, I have been using eye of round cuts.

Cyrus Fabian


caninechef January 16, 2017
Isn't there a school of thought now that recommends not defrosting steaks but to cook them from frozen state? I have done this for years but only because of lack of planning, not some wonderful special steak cooking skills.
Cav January 16, 2017
Cooks Illustrated had an article a couple of years back on cooking steaks from frozen (

I've done it myself successfully, both in a pan and on a grill.
greenglass January 15, 2017
Perhaps defrost the steak, salt it and let it sit in the fridge for a day or two? I've got a salted steak in there now that's releasing lots of water.
thecookandthetraveler January 15, 2017
You might try putting the steaks in the oven for some time in order to let them exude their collected water and then finish them by searing them. Some well respected test kitchens are now reporting that a high temperature sear at the end of the cooking process is more beneficial than what used to be recommended (high temp sear at the onset to seal in the juices).
Nancy January 15, 2017
And if all your efforts don't work, maybe don't freeze or don't sear. Instead, maybe braise or grill-and-saufe.
Smaug January 15, 2017
I'm far from an expert on this, but I understand that butchers are allowed to soak meat before sale- presumably jacking up the wait. I know that stuff I buy at Safeway tends to release a ton of water. Your best bet might be to change sources, or to buy whole eye of round roasts- often available at pretty good prices- and cut your own. Also, you'll do better browning it under the broiler or on a grill.
Smaug January 15, 2017
Weight, that is.
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