cooling tomato sauce

hi! i just finished cooking my tomato sauce, and i need to take me and my son to the grocery store for a few things as well as household errands. can i turn off the burner and leave the sauce on the stove for a couple of hours, or will i risk foodborne illness?

my intent is to make baked ziti for tonight's dinner, yum! any help ASAP is much appreciated!!!

  • Posted by: Lisa
  • January 16, 2017


Smaug January 16, 2017
Best to be conservative, but there's really no chance of anything dangerous happening in a couple of hours. Errands being errands, there is some chance of a couple of hours turning into half a day.
Trena H. January 16, 2017
I'd suggest cooling it down in the kitchen sink (filled with cold water and ice cubes) and then putting in the fridge.
Lisa January 16, 2017
thanks trena!
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