Can I freeze macarons and fill them the day of serving?

  • Posted by: beth
  • January 17, 2017


PieceOfLayerCake January 18, 2017
Shells freeze just fine in my opinion....just make sure they're wrapped well and frozen while still wrapped. Macaron (or any baked good for that matter) will get soggy from the humidity in the air if left to thaw out in the open.
PieceOfLayerCake January 18, 2017
*thawed while still frozen
grandrivergirl January 18, 2017
Me again! I just remembered that our local grocery chain sells an assorted selection of macarons in the freezer section as well.
grandrivergirl January 18, 2017
I made green tea macarons, filled with lemon icing and they froze perfectly. Just took out a few as I needed them.
ChefJune January 18, 2017
I'm glad you liked them. I did not care at all for the texture of the thawed macarons.
ChefJune January 18, 2017
They do not freeze well, whether filled or unfilled. I wouldn't do it. You can store them unfilled in an air-tight container (tin) to fill freshly before serving.
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