Leftover honey mustard pork tenderloin

I have an entire sliced loin leftover from this recipe: https://food52.com/recipes...

Any thoughts on what to do with it? It's mighty good cold and straight out of the fridge, but I wouldn't mind repurposing it into something else tasty.

Reenee Gangopadhyay


amysarah January 18, 2017
Pork tenderloin sliced thin makes a great sandwich, including the already mentioned Cuban. Diced up, it's also a great addition to fried rice or other Asian noodle dishes, stir fried or in broth, like Ramen.

I sometimes used thinly sliced roast pork loin for a variation (instead of veal) on one of my favorites, Vitello Tonnato. Truth be told, I kind of prefer it. But I'd only do this if the honey/mustard glaze isn't too pronounced or can be scraped away.
Kaite January 18, 2017
I agree with AntoniaJames. We used the leftovers to make cuban sandwiches and they were amazing!
AntoniaJames January 18, 2017
We use it for Cuban sandwiches. I make that tenderloin recipe five or six times a year and always set aside a few slices for Cubans. Here is my recipe for Cubans (using pork shoulder https://food52.com/recipes/13840-the-cuban - just substitute the sliced tenderloin - and you don't need a quarter pound per sandwich. Use your judgment.

Also, I realize this is too late for this one but may be useful for the next, but I always deglaze the pan with some water after serving dinner and save that flavorful liquid for drizzling on the bread when making the sandwiches. ;o)
Reenee G. January 18, 2017
I didn't even see this! Thank you so much! Sandwiches galore!
Reenee G. January 18, 2017
I made gravy with the pan juices which I also have an abundance of...turns out two pork tenderloins are a lot for two people :)
Lindsay-Jean H. January 18, 2017
This past thread on the topic might have some ideas for you: https://food52.com/hotline/21776-ideas-for-leftover-roast-pork-tenderloin
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