Can turkey tenderloin be a substitute for port tenderloin

In a rush I bought turkey tenderloin, not pork tenderloin. Recipe is a honey marinade with honey, garlic, orange juice. Marinade, sear, then roast. Opinions on the switch. No chance of an exchange in today’s environment.

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Miss_Karen March 18, 2020
Oh, I agree about being wary of overcooking....
Miss_Karen March 18, 2020
Yum. I think that actually sounds serendipitous! Turkey Wellington anyone? (Tweak Alton Brown's recipe slightly.)
Coral L. March 18, 2020
Hi! Yes— turkey "tenderloin" will work perfectly; it is lean and tender like a pork tenderloin. Just be wary of overcooking (turkey is done when it's internal temp reaches 165F, to pork's 145F).
Food O. March 18, 2020
Thanks so much!
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