What to serve alongside Ottolenghi's Lemon and Eggplant Risotto?

Here is the recipe: http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/lemon-and-aubergine-risotto-shop

Just having a casual dinner with a few friends, looking for a few somethings veggie-ish to serve alongside. I have a few ideas from sifting through the recipes in his book "Plenty" (where the risotto recipe can also be found) but thought I would turn to Food52 for any other suggestions. Thanks!

  • Posted by: rachel
  • January 18, 2017


rachel January 19, 2017
It also calls for white wine. Can I use a dry sherry for this? I kind of figured that a Sauvignon would be more standard, but I know nothing about wine and unfortunately never acquired a taste for drinking it
Lost_in_NYC January 19, 2017
You could make his hummus as an app or there's this cucumber and poppy seed salad he also has in one of his books thats also really good!
AntoniaJames January 18, 2017
I'd want to add some color to the plate, so I'd serve these pomegranate roasted carrots: https://food52.com/recipes/18212-pomegranate-roasted-carrots

and I'd adapt this recipe from Gjelina, for cauliflower tossed with garlic confit, parsley and red wine vinegar, roasting broccoli instead.

Another colorful winter option is a salad with round slices of blood oranges and beets, drizzled with a mustardy vinaigrette - colorful and sharp. There's something about beets + oranges that's so perfect in the dead of winter when so little is in season. ;o)
Nancy January 18, 2017
Yes to the color! oranges and beers. Also, oranges onions and olives.
(I was going for protein, sour flavors, green.)
AntoniaJames January 18, 2017
Here's a link to the Gjelina roasted veg + garlic confit recipe. The confit is an extra step that needs to be done in advance, but the active time is de minimis (3 minutes of active time, if you buy peeled garlic) and well worth the effort. You'll have a lot left over, which you'll want to use every day. I'm not kidding. ;o)
AntoniaJames January 18, 2017
Okay, let's try that again. Here's the link to the Gjelina roasted vegetables with garlic confit: https://food52.com/recipes/40540-gjelina-s-roasted-cauliflower-with-garlic-parsley-vinegar
People, make this. ;o)
Nancy January 18, 2017
Roasted whole cauliflower or cauliflower steaks
Some fermented or pickled foods...pŕeserved lemons, giant capers, giardinara (Italian pickle), pickled turnips
Falafel balls or patties
Roasted seasoned chick peas
Rapini (for ideas see a current thread here on the hotline)
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