How do restaurants make a risotto that they can serve all night? I want to be able to make a risotto that I prepare in advance.

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boulangere January 20, 2012
Not at all - I didn't explain it well. They're full of frozen water, so I stick a couple of them into whatever needs to get cooled quickly. When done, I rinse them off and run them through the dishwasher, then they go back to the freezer.
SeaJambon January 20, 2012
Sorry to be obtuse, but how do the soda bottles fit in to the cooling process?
boulangere January 20, 2012
Sorry, meant: Just be sure to COOL it rather quickly . . . .
boulangere January 19, 2012
Generally, it isn't cooked to the finished point when it's prepared. Then, just before service, a serving is heated with hot stock and brought to just the right stage of doneness. You could certainly do exactly the same thing at home. Just be sure to cook it rather quickly before you refrigerate it so it doesn't go all gluey on you. I keep empty soda bottles 3/4 filled with water in the freezer for rapid cooling.
dinner A. January 19, 2012
Here is a link to a recipe from Patrick O'Connell of The Inn at Little Washington. It is for his Lemon and Black Pepper Risotto, which I had made and posted on my blog. I'm sure the technique will transfer to any risotto you might want to make......
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