good side with chicken marsala?

Making chicken marsala for some family tomorrow and was wondering what a good side would be. I've made mashed potatoes in the past but I don't love it. Was considering a simple parmesan risotto. Thoughts?

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Kathleen L. January 28, 2019
I enjoy a buttery risotto with a little s&p and I like to add a little chopped baby spinach for taste and color.
Kathleen L. January 28, 2019
I love risotto! I think it would make an exceptional side with chicken marsala.
I enjoy mine with butter, s&p and some chopped baby spinach for color and a delicious taste.
Virginia H. October 12, 2017
I am serving mine with small red potatoes baked, sliced in halves topped with Parsley & Parmesan cheese and a green salad, french bread for dipping into the rich Marsala sauce.
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amysarah January 26, 2017
A very simple risotto would be fine. With dishes like this, I often serve orzo (tossed with a little butter, parsley, s&p) - a tasty, but non-complicating vehicle for the sauce. A simple orzo "risotto" is nice too.
caninechef January 26, 2017
I'd go for something simple and straightforward, plain rice or maybe boiled, parsleyed potatoes with either a salad or green beans.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 25, 2017
Parmesan risotto sounds wonderful. Parmesan Pappardelle or Tagliatelle Pasta would work as well.
Nancy January 25, 2017
Two ideas to add to your menu:
A simple starch for mopping up the great sauce - plain pasta or country bread (with lots of holes in it)
A green or white vegetable, again on the plain side, as the chicken & sauce are rich. Maybe grilled fennel, broccolini, whatever is looking good in markets near you.
PHIL January 25, 2017
Risotto is nice. also I like some simple rice to absorb that liquid goodness. For pasta , I would use either spaghetti or a short (mezzi) rigatoni. I actually did spaghetti with chicken francese last weekend.
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