Cracker Toffee/ Cracker Crack tips needed

I feel kind of silly asking about such an elementary recipe, however Im curious which cracker do most people prefer to use and why? Saltines, Club, Ritz or Graham? Also, I made it years ago and remember the toffee layer was kind of grainy- is that typical or is there a way to keep it smooth? Thanks!

Jennifer W


HalfPint January 26, 2017
Here are some reasons why toffee gets grainy,
Jennifer W. January 27, 2017
Great article, extremely helpful, Thank you so much!
HalfPint January 26, 2017
I use Saltines. The little grains of salt is a good combo with the sweetness of the caramel.

As for the graininess, I usually don't see it because the toffee is covered with a layer of chocolate. I haven't noticed that the toffee was grainy. Maybe, the sugar was not dissolved enough or the cracker/toffee mixture was not baked long enough in the oven. What recipe did you use?
Jennifer W. January 26, 2017
Thanks HalfPint! Its been so long I cant remember, but I noticed that recipes vary in boil time from 2-4 minutes, and ive seen oven temp everywhere from 325-400. It seems this recipe is a good in between plus I liked that it gave a temp to cook the caramel...
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