HOw long does Miso last?

I have wanted to try some recipes using Miso, something I have never used and I finally see a local store advertising it. How long does a container last. I assume in the fridge?



sydney January 28, 2017
I just bought new tub of organic red miso last week. Probably took over a year to use the last one up. It has a 'best-before' date of September 2017.
Robert H. January 27, 2017
Miso can hang around fermenting for 6-or-so months so it's a good keeper. Stored in the fridge, it's generally recommended to be okay for up to a year but I've happily used some after at least 18 months.
Sam1148 January 27, 2017
A very long time. I've had some almost two years. But most say it starts to lose it taste after a year. Depends on the miso. It might dry out or get some mold on the top layer, but it doesn't go bad.
Jan W. January 27, 2017
I agree - I think YMMV depending on the type of miso you have and the container you keep it in. The more salt added, the longer it should last. Your typical white (shiro) miso usually has somewhere around 300-400 mg of sodium per 20g serving. I sometimes use a very dark hacho miso from Eden that contains somewhere around 700 mg for the same serving size. The hacho miso i bought early last year and still tastes great.

Shiro miso from Eden comes in a plastic pouch and seems to do a good job at maintaining freshness but i try to get a new one every 6 months, though in the winter i usually run out faster. I don't buy Saikyo shiro miso much but due to its lower salt content and natural sugars produced in its fermentation, it doesn't last quite as long.

I've read that some have had success extending miso's shelf life by using vacuum bags like Foodsaver and similar, and keeping it in a cold part of the refrigerator.
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