In "A new way to dinner", under Meredith's Winter, why does the first batch of recipes require 2 dozen eggs? I can't find where they're used.

  • Posted by: eric
  • January 28, 2017


Mrs B. May 6, 2017
Is there an errata sheet available for use with the first printing? I've found several other instructions/quantities confusing in the book.
Nancy January 28, 2017
Are you thinking of making this menu and wondering whether to include the 2 doz eggs when you shop?
As far as I can see, they're only needed in the parsnip mash cakes, and then only a maximum of 8 or 9.
Possibly extra on the list as pantry staples.
Nancy January 29, 2017
To Eric (and Merrill),
Only when I posted did I see that Merrill had written.
FYI my estimate on maximum # of eggs comes if you decide to make the whole parsnip-potatoes dish into patties (compared to original plan of serving it once as soft mash at dinner and twice as patties side dish).
Merrill S. January 28, 2017
I think you spotted our first correction -- so sorry about that! You'll only need an egg or two for the mashed potato and parsnip cakes on page 251, plus more for brown bag lunches if you'd like.
eric January 29, 2017
Thank you for this, Merrill. One additional suggestion for the grocery list is to perhaps differentiate between "core" and "suggested" ingredients. For example, on your Winter 2 batch, I bought the Vermicelli, thinking it was for a recipe, and now it just sits, since it was for a suggested side dish combination. Just a thought. Thank you for such a great cookbook - it has saved our family from eating out, and my wife, who is from India, can't believe American food can be so tasty -- that's a stamp of approval! Just last night, she said the cremed kale recipe was prepared "just like they do in India" -- which is all from scratch -- :)
Merrill S. January 30, 2017
Great suggestion, Eric -- wish we had thought of that! And so glad to hear our book is proving helpful to you and your family.
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