substitute for farro or barley

I'm enjoying your new cookbook, A New Way to Dinner. Can you suggest a sub for barley in Merrill's Fall salad and for farro in Amanda's Winter dish?

  • Posted by: Mary
  • December 14, 2016


Windischgirl December 14, 2016
I would use a short-grain brown rice or one of the exotic rices like red rice, bamboo rice, or forbidden rice. Buckwheat is tasty but does have a strong flavor that may overpower the other ingredients.
PHIL December 14, 2016
why do you want to sub?
Mary December 14, 2016
I can't eat gluten.
Elizabeth December 14, 2016
You could use wheat berries, since they have a nice chewy texture and retain their shape when cooked, like farro and barley.
Mary December 14, 2016
I need a gluten free option.
Robin December 14, 2016
Both Barley and Farro are hearty, but you may try a nice brown rice or buckwheat or Israeli Couscous.
Mary December 14, 2016
Thanks! I'll give buckwheat a try. By the way, couscous is a wheat product. Not gluten free.
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